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  1828 L Street, NW
  Suite 801   Washington, DC 20036
  (P) 202.332.2275
  (F) 202.332.2949

District of Columbia
1 State Long Term Care Ombudsman
Gerald Kasunic
State LTC Ombudsman
Legal Counsel for the Elderly
601 E Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20049
Work: (202)434-2140
Fax: (202)434-6595

7 Quality Improvement Organization
Maulik Joshi
Chief Executive Officer
Delmarva Foundation For Medical Care
1620 L Street, NW
Suite 1275
Washington, DC 20036-5605
Work: (202)293-9650
Fax: (202)293-3253

2 Office on Aging
Sam Gawad
Acting Director
DC Office on Aging
One Judiciary Square
441 4th Street, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20001
Work: (202)724-5622
Fax: (202)724-4979

8 Protection and Advocacy System
Robin Thorner
Director of University Legal Services
William Wendt Center for Loss and Healing
220 I Street, N.W.
Suite 130
Washington, DC 20002
Work: (202)547-0198
Fax: (202)547-2662

3 Licensure and Certifications
Pat Van Buron
Health Regulation Administration
825 North Capitol Street, NE
Room 2264
Washington, DC 20002
Work: (202)442-4747
Fax: (202)442-4896

9 Adult Protective Service Agency
Barbara Strother
Chief, Familiy Services Administration
DC Dept of Human Services
Adult Protective Services
2146 24th Place, N.E.
Suite 206
Washington, DC 20018
Work: (202)541-3957
Fax: (202)541-3964

4 Medicaid Fraud Unit Control
Susan Bieber Kennedy
Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
717 14th Street, NW
5th Floor
Washington, DC 20005
Work: (202)727-2540
Fax: (202)727-9903

11 Local and Regional Ombudsmen
Charles Marquardt
Long Term Care Ombudsman Director
United Planning Organization
LTC Ombudsman Program
1649 Good Hope Road, S.E.
Washington, DC 20020
Work: (202)434-6399
Fax: (202)610-2666
Area Served: NE and SE, DC

5 Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrator
Feseha Woldu
Senior Deputy Director
DC Board of Professional Licenses
Department of Health
717 14th Street, N.W.
10th Floor
Washington, DC 20005
Work: (202)724-8927

Ilethia Moore
Emmaus Services for the Aging
LTC Ombudsman Program
601 E. Street
Washington, DC 20049
Work: (202)434-2190
Fax: (202)745-1246

6 Medicaid Agency
Robert Maruca
Deputy Director
Department of Health
Medical Assistance Admin.
825 N. Capitol St., NE
Suite 5135
Washington, DC 20002
Work: (202)442-5988
Fax: (202)442-4790

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